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Fisting is the act of inserting the entire hand into a lover's vagina or anus, but instead of a fist, what really ends up in the body of the beloved is a decidedly more aerodynamic shape in which the fingers are pressed together. Like when you try to reproduce the shape of a bird's head and flatten your fingers against your thumb.

It is certainly not a question of closing the hand in a fist and trying to push it into the body of the other, also because in this case the chances of success would be really scarce.

Fisting is an infinitely more delicate practice than your name suggests and you just need to do a quick google search to realize how most people who love it describe it as one of the most intimate experiences a couple can experience. And not by chance. When done gradually and taking all the necessary precautions, fisting can give incredible pleasure but requires great mutual trust and infinite patience.

Fisting is not only vaginal but it can also be anal and is not only practiced by women but it is a very popular activity also among men and among homosexuals. Many believe it is a specifically BDSM practice but it is not quite so, although many practitioners are bdsmers it is not necessarily so.

This practice requires a certain physical predisposition and in any case a preparation to be able to extend the elasticity of the tissues to a point where they can hold the hand.